Compassionate behavioral healthcare.

Behavioral Health Institute at Lourdes Hospital 

Life isn’t just about being alive. It’s about being well.

If mental or emotional problems are affecting your quality of life, you’re not alone. Psychiatric illnesses affect millions of all ages, with the young and old the most vunerable. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that in any given year one in four families will have a family member who will experience a mental illness.   

The great news is that mental illness can be successfully treated. With proper diagnosis, access to treatment and follow-up, recovery is not just a possibility it’s a reality.
We are here to help you.

Behavioral health is a critical component of general well-being and needs to be addressed with a continuum of care. The new Behavioral Health Institute (BHI) at Lourdes Hospital opened in March 2015. The BHI is a contemporary, state-of-the-art facility designed to help outpatients and inpatients achieve their behavior management goals. The center’s design recognizes the connection between behavioral health issues and chronic physical conditions. We offer comprehensive services with the latest innovations in safety features. Our multi-sensory environment includes music, color, lighting and exercise equipment. Through Lourdes Behavioral Health Institute, we are creating a comprehensive approach to behavioral healthcare available nowhere else in Paducah.

For more information about the Behavioral Health Institute, call 270-444-2250 or toll free 1-877-219-2708.






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