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Make Life Easier for You and Your Pets: Devices that Limit Bending and Spare the Joints

Humans arenít the only ones who need help with routine activities as they age. Your aging dogs and cats could probably use help too. Not only that, it can become harder to take care of your pets as you get older. So much bending when you feed and clean up after themÖso much lifting when they can no longer climb the stairs or get into bed with you on their own.

Itís time to take an easier route. Here are some items that can make life easier for you and your pet:

  • 8-day pet feeder: Good for cats and small dogs. Thereís even a recorder on which you can tape your voice calling your pet to the meal.
  • Automatic water circulation system: Keeps water fresh so that you donít have to re-fill the bowl every day.
  • Kitty litter ďmate:Ē Rakes litter waste into sealable containers, keeping odor down. This means you donít have to change the litter as often.
  • Pet Hound: A scooper for dog waste, so that you donít have to bend over to pick it up.
  • Moveable stair steps: When itís hard for pets to climb up on things theyíre used to sleeping on, these steps can help them.
  • Pet door: Pets can get in and our on their own. The door has a security shield, and it keeps heat and cold inside the house.

You can find items like these in catalogues such as Drs. Foster and Smith, Plow and Hearth, or other catalogues that youíve been using already for pet supplies. Your veterinarian may have some favorite suppliers as well.

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