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Make Life Easier in the Garden

When you were gardening this spring, did your tools hurt your hands? Was it hard to clear leaves and other debris from the beds? When you’re watering your garden, is it hard to grip the hose?

Special ergonomic gardening tools can relieve the pressure on your joints and increase your endurance. Wellhaven Gifts for Seniors has the following types of gardening equipment available:

  • A 3-piece set that includes a cultivator, trowel, and v-hoe. These have been used in horticulture therapy programs.
  • Ergonomic shrub rake. This helps you clean up around the garden.
  • Hose with on/off button instead of trigger
  • Lawn and garden claws. These can help you pick up weeds, leaves, debris and thorny and poisonous plants without bending down as much.

These tools are especially helpful for people who have

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Weakened hand or wrist strength

Visit if you’re interested in these kinds of tools.

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