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Make Life Easier: Lightweight Luggage

If you have more time for travel these days, you might want to consider upgrading some of your gear to suit your physical needs. When was the last time you bought new luggage? If it has been a while and there is room in your budget, think about getting some light-weight suitcases. They are easier to hoist into the car or off the luggage belt at the airport. You can avoid backaches, and you might not have to ask someone else to get your bags for you.


The 21-inch Roll-Aboard is small enough to carry on a plane and it weighs only 7 pounds. It is expandable too—you can pull on a zipper and increase your storage depth by 2 inches (making it no longer small enough to carry on).


Strong wheels make rolling nice and smooth, and the telescope handle is extra long, making it easier for you to roll the bag.


The Roll-Aboard costs about $130. Read more here:

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