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Make Life Easier: Keeping Track Of Your Medication Schedule

If there are just a few too many pills in your day, it might be time to investigate one of the many different kinds of boxes and gadgets that can help make your life easier at medicine-taking time. These items can range from simple boxes that cost a few dollars to pillbox timers that cost around $20, to electronic dispensers that cost over $200.

There are watches that you can set to sound an alarm when it's time to take your drugs. There are bottle caps that beep when it's pill time, and lockable dispensers that prevent you from doubling up by mistake.

You can load some dispensers for a month's worth of medication, and a voice system can tell you when to take a medication and how much to take.

There's even a "magic medicine cabinet" in development that will operate by face recognition. It will tell you whether you've picked up the right medicine bottle, and it will tell you how much to take. It even has the ability to allow you to take your vital signs, track your information and send it to your doctor.

Medication errors can result in hospitalizations and even admission to nursing homes. Talk with your pharmacist or doctor about the aides available to help you keep track of your drugs. Even if you have the best intentions, it's too easy to forget to take a pill.

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