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Make Life Easier when You're at Your Computer

Computers are great for finding information, producing work, staying in touch and feeling connected to the world. But they're not easy for everybody to use, especially when you consider that 1 in 4 people have vision problems, 1 in 4 people have problems with their wrists or hands and 1 in 5 have difficulty hearing.

If you run Microsoft's Windows XP on your computer, and many people do, there are many features, some that you can download to your computer for free, that can help you see your screen more easily, use your keyboard and mouse more comfortably, alert you when you have an e-mail (either with a loud ding or with a pop-up box) and perform other functions that can greatly improve the efficiency of your time at the computer.

Read information on the Microsoft Web site ( to find out what's available for your specific needs. If you use your computer at work, talk with your information technology department or your human resources department to get help installing features that can help you.

If you only use your computer for personal reasons, you can still download these features. If you need help, ask people you know who are somewhat tech savvy—friends, adult children, grandchildren—for help.


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