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Make Life Easier: Grips and Gadgets for People with Arthritis

Make Life Easier: Grips and Gadgets for People with Arthritis
If your arthritis pain is more than just a twinge here and there, you could probably use some different utensils and tools in your home. These are the kinds of gadgets you can get to give your joints a rest:
  • Doorknob and faucet turners
  • Jar and medicine bottle openers
  • Knives and scissors with special handles
  • Bottle openers
  • Citrus and vegetable peelers
  • Grips that make a heavy bag easier to carry

A physical therapist would probably be able to direct you to a reputable company that sells these kinds of gadgets. You could also do an Internet search for “arthritis gadgets.” See what you come up with, compare prices and consider asking your physical therapist whether the companies are trustworthy and the gadgets look like they’d be worth getting.

New England Journal of Medicine, 3 April 2003

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