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Make Life Easier: Low Vision Kit for Seniors

When you have low vision, as so many seniors do, day-to-day tasks can be challenging. The National Federation for the Blind has created what they call a “Low Vision Resource Kit for Seniors.” It includes:

  1. Large print deck of cards
  2. Talking key chain clock
  3. Dark marking pen
  4. Bold line writing pad
  5. High marks 3-D marker
  6. Large-print ruler
  7. Self-threading needles and needle threader
  8. Braille alphabet card
  9. NFB-NEWSLINE Application (newspapers over the phone)
  10. Literature about low vision
  11. Catalog in print and on tape of other products sold by the National Federation of the Blind\
  12. Check writing guide
  13. Introductory newsletter of the senior blind

If you’re interested, you may send an e-mail to

The National Federation for the Blind

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